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2020 is one of those years in which you never know what can happen. The Olympics were canceled due to coronavirus concerns, which just added to all of the other issues we were facing. If you are disappointed over missing out on the Olympics this year, then this video of Katie Ledecky is just what you need. The Olympian is swimming a lap around the swimming pool while keeping a glass of chocolate milk balanced on her head.

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¿Qué puedes hacer con un vaso de leche sin derramar una sola gota? 🥛 Ese es el reto que hace la olímpica estadounidense Katie Ledecky a todos sus seguidores en un nuevo reto que se ha vuelto viral. 🏊‍♀️ En el video publicado Katie nada en una piscina mientras balancea un vaso de leche en su cabeza. La iniciativa forma parte de la campaña 'Got Milk?'. ¿Quieres ver el video? Te lo mostramos en el LINK en nuestra BIO. #KatieLedecky #USA #Gold #Oro #GotMilk #Leche #Viral

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Ledecky has won 5 Olympic gold medals and she took to Instagram to post a video. It was done in conjunction with the Got Milk campaign, and many athletes are often found in those commercials. There may have been many milk-related stunts in the past, but I think this one is my favorite.

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Possibly one of the best swims of my career! Check out the full swim here. What can you do without spilling a drop?! #gotmilk #ad Check out the #gotmilkchallenge on Tik Tok! [Link in bio]

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The glass of chocolate milk is perched on top of Katie as she begins to swim the length of the Olympic swimming pool. Not only does the glass not drop off her head, but not a single drop of milk is spilled. She even gets the glass off of her head and takes a drink at the end. There is some type of weird science taking place in that swimming pool, or maybe she is just that good.

It seems as if people are freaked out over the situation, and you can see it in the comments. 2016 Olympic diver Kassidy Cook says that it defies the laws of physics. Summer Sanders, another Olympian, also finds it to be impressive.

For me, just swimming without drowning is enough of a feat, but obviously, an Olympian needs to take things to the next level.

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