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Jason Grosboll put on his uniform and went to work at a Corpus Christi, Texas movie theater last December and it was a day like any other.

There is no way that he ever could have predicted what would end up happening next. Jason’s whole life was about to change and he had no idea. Little did he know that he was about to become The Popcorn Guy!

Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

This man wasn’t elaborately preparing popcorn because he wanted fame or attention. He was doing it for the love of the game. He’s got real popcorn-buttering skills, though. That’s why we are glad that they are finally being recognized.

Ever since Jason went viral, things have not been the same and it is easy to see why. The maneuvers that he uses to ensure an even spread of the butter are so cool to watch. We are jealous of all the moviegoers in this area who get to watch him do this on a regular basis.

Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel saw the video and he decided to provide Jason with the chance of a lifetime.

As you can see in the clip below, when Jason appeared on the show, he took Jimmy through his process. The “popcorn magic” takes place when Jason loads up one of the buckets and spins the other on his thumb. From there, he switches it to his finger seamlessly. It’s so hard but he makes it look so easy. As a result of his amazing skills, Jimmy has invited him to the Oscars to make popcorn for all of the stars who are going to be in attendance.

Photo: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

“I love my job more than anything in the world right now,” Jason said. His passion for his work shows, that is for sure. He went on to say that he could not wait to serve popcorn to Tom Cruise, as long as he is able to get the weekend off from his job. That’s how dedicated to his post he is.

If you would like to see the clip where Kimmel is talking to Jason, be sure to take a moment to check it out for yourself:

You can see more of Jason on TikTok, @thepopcornguy210.