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When it comes to holiday traditions, we tend to look for the same thing to happen year after year. One of the traditions that many of us look forward to is the holiday Peanuts specials.

There’s nothing quite like seeing Charlie Brown and the gang on TV, but last year was a little different.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For more than 50 years, Charlie Brown has been celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween with the world on network TV. Last year, however, they were noticeably absent.

According to WXIN, however, they are coming back in 2021 and the first to show up is “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

Photo: flickr/debaird™

Last year, AppleTV+ acquired the rights to the cartoons and didn’t allow them to display anywhere except on the streaming platform. They did allow those three shows to be shown for free, but you had to get an account to see them. It lost something in the process because you could see them at any time.

This season, the shows will be airing on PBS and PBS Kids. The Halloween special is the first and you can see it on October 24. You can then watch the Thanksgiving special on November 21 and finally, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on December 19. You can see them at 7:30 PM Eastern time on their respective dates.

Photo: flickr/Ross Dunn

Charlie Brown has been around for quite some time. He started out as a comic strip but it wasn’t long before he started showing up in holiday specials, as well as other cartoons shown on TV.

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