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In Fano, Italy, a small town that sits on the Adriatic coastline, police came across a 48-year-old man who was outdoors at two in the morning. The police initially stopped and questioned the unnamed man, given that the country’s strict lockdown laws included a curfew – a reason why they wanted to know what he was doing outdoors so late at night.

According to the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, the police were shocked when they checked the man’s ID. As it turned out, he wasn’t from the area at all. According to his ID, he lived in Como, Italy. Additionally, his wife had already filed a missing person’s report roughly a week prior. The cops were confused and asked the man what he was doing so far away from his residence. The man told them quite the tale.

As the man explained to the police, he had an argument with his wife and he wanted to get out and clear his head. In order to sort out his thoughts, the man took a walk. And it turned out to be quite the walk as he made his way from Como to Fano all on foot – absolutely no public transportation whatsoever! The man even stated that he had no idea just how far he walked. Along his journey, he got by on the kindness of strangers who’d given him food and water.

The police got in touch with his worried wife who came all the way to Como in order to pick him up. The man stayed overnight in a Fano hotel waiting for his wife to come get him. Unfortunately for his wife, he was stuck with the $485 bill, as well as a fine for breaking the COVID-19 curfew. Italy currently has a 10pm to 5am curfew in an effort to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus cases. Even though he got fined for breaking the rules, people still believe that it’s a good thing he was spotted by police because had they not stopped him then “who knows where he could’ve ended up.”

Of course, after the story about the man broke, it wasn’t long before the internet began making memes. Because of the man’s 280-mile walk, people have called him the Italian Forrest Gump. We don’t think he’ll be living this down any time soon. Hopefully he won’t get into another argument with his wife or else he might end up even further!

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