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Instant noodles are a great snack or quick meal when in a pinch. But they can also be pretty dull. It’s just noodles with some stir in powder or sauce, and that’s about it.

You just pour hot water, wait a few minutes, and then you’re eating. It’s really nothing fancy. But, if you have enough time and energy, you can actually turn them into something much fancier and visually appealing.

Photo: Unsplash/Diego Lozano

One YouTuber, Jet Bent-Lee, has created a series where he asks his dad to reimagine a fast food or convenience meal into something of the more gourmet persuasion. And Jet’s dad isn’t just any regular dad. He’s Susur Lee, a man best known for appearances on Top Chef and the Food Network’s Iron Chef America.

He was well-known for his “fusion cuisine” style of cooking, something that has helped him make a name for himself within the culinary universe.

Photo: YouTube/Jet Bent-Lee

For one of the videos, the chef took on instant noodles. His task was simple enough, to transform three instant noodle varieties into something spectacular.

And that is just what he did by creating an Italian-inspired crispy noodle cake that he topped off with a creamy rosé full of lobster and shrimp.

Photo: YouTube/Jet Bent-Lee

But, there was a catch to the challenge. He was required to use at least of of the soup packets to season his gourmet creation. Looks like he did pretty well!

Check out as Susur Lee turn instant noodles into an amazingly gourmet meal below:

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