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Karissa Barker, 32, is an interior designer who has been going through it lately. The trolls have been teasing her and calling her house tacky.

Now, she is hitting back and we are here for it. A video that she posted on TikTok has resurfaced. In this clip, she tells everyone that their opinions are subjective and we guess that there is some truth in that.

Photo: TikTok/@karissaathome

What is beautiful to one party may not be to someone else. The comments were getting pretty mean, so we can see why she decided that it was time to strike back. “This is what poor people say to make themselves feel better. Tacky homes are a thing. You can’t wish it away,” said one viewer. Of course, this was not going to sit well with Karissa.

She likes to post home decor and organization tips on her social media accounts, which elicit all sorts of responses. In response to her haters, she decided to showcase all of the rooms in her house, as well as the various details.

Photo: TikTok/@karissaathome

There is a stonewall fireplace with a neutral color scheme, an awesome looking reading nook with lots of books to choose from and a framed needlepoint apron in the laundry room. Floral wallpaper is used to decorate this room.

Karissa had another great response for all of the people who were talking trash about her residence. “It’s not often that I get ‘poor’ and ‘tacky’ in the same comment, so I’m gonna pass this one off to Dolly,” she says in her response clip, making sure to quote country star Parton in the process, who said, “It costs a lot [of money] to look this cheap.”

Photo: TikTok/@karissaathome

“Dolly’s got this one. Also ‘tacky’ is a completely subjective term and I will die on that hill,” she captioned the video.

In a world where people feel emboldened to say whatever they want online, it is nice to see someone giving them the response that they deserve. At the end of the day, she is the only one who needs to be happy with this setup.


Replying to @user486151070953 Dolly’s got this one 😉 Also “tacky” is a completely subjective term and I will die on that hill. #interiordesign #homedecor #dollyparton #dolly #FomotionalFinds #homeinspo

♬ Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Album Version) – Dolly Parton (with The Christ Church Choir)

After all, if you want your home to look a certain way, you have every right to do so.