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Corn on the cob is a summer favorite. But, cutting the corn off of the cob usually ends up in a big mess. Anyone who has ever had to clean up all of the kernels that went flying around the room can attest to that.

Thankfully, culinary expert Ina Garten shared her simple hack to cleanly and easily cut corn on the cob.

To get started, Ina suggests laying down a clean towel wherever you plan on doing the cutting. The kitchen counter is the best choice in most instances. Make sure that the knife is as sharp as possible, too.

Next, slice the top of the corn off.

Finally, stand the corn upon the newly flattened end (that you just cut off). Use your knife to slice the kernels off the corn in a downward motion, rotating as you go. Pick up the towel, scoop up the kernels, and place them all inside of your bowl. It’s that simple!

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It’s finally corn season! This is how I cut the kernels off the cob without getting them all over my kitchen. How do you do it? #BCprotips #CookLikeAPro

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Who knew that the famous chefs of the world struggled with the same issues we do? In a way, we guess you can say she’s just like us!

Now that you can easily cut corn off the cub, what summer dishes will you be whipping up?

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