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Now that In-N-Out is finally making its way to the east coast, it is time for the company to take further steps toward feeding the rest of the US populace.

If you are paying close attention to Instagram, you may have already seen this announcement for yourself. The “Esther Synder Cookout Truck” is about to make its way to a location that could be near you.

Photo: Instagram/@lynsi_snyder

Lynsi Snyder, who is the granddaughter of the In-N-Out co-founder, is the one who shared the news. The truck is meant as a way for Lynsi to honor the love that her grandma displayed and continue her giving legacy. Esther wanted nothing more than to help the children. This is Lynsi’s way of paying homage to her.

In-N-Out’s mini Double-Doubles, mini burgers, and mini fries will be served by this truck. From there, all of the proceeds will be donated.

Photo: Instagram/@lynsi_snyder

The In-N-Out Burger Foundation works tirelessly to serve children who are victimized by child abuse and they are always available to provide assistance at youth-focused events. Kudos to Lynsi for making such an awesome and selfless decision.

“Exciting news to share! In memory of my precious Grams, we welcome our newest addition, the Esther Snyder Cookout Truck that serves In-N-Out’s ONLY mini Double-Doubles, mini burgers, and yes mini fries!” Lyn wrote on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/@lynsi_snyder

“The best part about this truck is that, in honor of my Grandma and her love for helping children, it supports the In-N-Out Burger Foundation’s efforts in assisting children who have been victims of child abuse. So, let’s get that truck on the road and help give children an abuse free childhood and a future,” she added.

This is some great news for those who love In-N-Out. It is also great news for those who love to help others. Hopefully, the good folks at In-N-Out are able to raise plenty of money to assist all of the needy children out there as soon as possible.