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Cooking for someone else can be a way to express care. Personally, I love cooking for others. It’s my love language. I wouldn’t appreciate it if someone was going behind my back and adding seasonings, and this was exactly the circumstance that one woman was facing when she posted her story to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole,” hoping to find a little sympathy from the community.

She posted her story, explaining that she’s the one who does most of the cooking since her husband isn’t very handy in the kitchen. She shared that normally he helps with the chores, but has since started to interfere with her cooking by adding spices and giving his opinion on how she cooks. He even ruined a whole meal she’d prepared for her parents’ by going behind her back. She said it was so horrific, even her parents commented on how gross it tasted.

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She explained, “Lately, he’s been waiting for when I prepare dinner or lunch then sneaks in and add extra salt/paper/spices/other ingredients that completely ruin the meal. First it was a mystery to me. Had me questioning myself. Why [did I add] too much salt or spices? He admitted he was the one adding extra ingredients and messing up my cooking. I’ve told him to not try to get involved in something he doesn’t have experience with, I’ve basically been eating out for a week now because of him.”

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But the Redditor vented that when he ruined the dinner for her parents, that was the final straw for her. She said that the food had so much salt in it, that her parents were unable to eat it. She was confused, but proceeded to pass them another dish she’d prepared instead, only to find that it was way too spicy. She explained that the horrific dinner upset her father’s stomach so much that he also threw up. She added that he has high blood pressure, therefore excessive salt is not good for him.

She further said that her husband pretended to have no idea, but she said that after her parents left, she pressed him for the truth. After a little more deception, he finally admitted the truth that he’d gone behind her back and deliberately added ingredients to her food, thinking that it would make the meal taste better.

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The Reddit post was met with many supporting the woman, saying that her husband’s actions were out of line. Some called it deliberate sabotage, or behavior that isn’t normal, while one person wrote, “The escalating part is really concerning. I wonder if he is planning on adding something in the main dish, that is not a spice or food product, in order to get you to willingly ingest it?”

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