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There is a lot of work that goes into a marriage – mainly that of compromising. Personally, I don’t think you can have a successful marriage without each person agreeing to work together as a team and compromise in order to find solutions to problems.

Some of that compromising often happens in the home. Gone are the days that one spouse can stay home and do all the housework while the other goes out to earn the living. Nowadays, more and more couples are finding themselves having to compromise and work together in order to keep the household running.

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Personally, in my home, we’ve reached an agreement where I do all the cooking, dusting, cleaning of the bathrooms, and plant care, while my wife does the laundry, dishes, takes out the trash, and vacuums. It works for us. And what works for us chore-wise, probably doesn’t work for everyone else.

For Joanne Sterling and her husband, things were a little different. For the past 45 years, it had been Joanne’s job to make the bed every day. Her husband was never in charge of doing that. But then one day, she decided it was time to renegotiate the arrangements and get her husband to take over the bed-making instead. What she didn’t anticipate, were the comical results.

Rather than make a simple bed as anyone can do, Joanne’s husband decided to run with his flair for the dramatic and start incorporating his own spin on things.

Instead of arranging the bed’s pillows like normal, he decided to start placing them in all sorts of wacky arrangements. And sometimes, he even likes to include props into the bed-making. It’s as if he’s creating a narrative using pillows and sheets. Joanne found her husband’s bed-making skills to be so funny, that she started taking pictures of his daily attempts in order to keep a record of what every day looks like in their home. And perhaps that’s another key to a successful marriage: humor. You got to be able to make the other person laugh.

Based on these pictures, we think that these two are on solid ground:

What do you think of the different pillow styles? Who usually makes the bed in your home? Have you or your partner ever done something silly like this? Let us know!