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What is the secret to a happy relationship? This is a question we often ask ourselves and sometimes, we may ask others when we see that they seem to have the perfect relationship.

Although we may get a lot of different opinions on the subject, there is nothing quite like looking into a scientific study and what may be behind the relationship that we all desire.

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According to that study, men tend to be happier in their relationships if they think they are funnier. That study, which was entitled “Do They Fit Together Like the Joker and Harley Quinn?” took a closer look at humor and how long-term relationships may be affected by it.

In order to put this study together, 149 heterosexual couples were surveyed. On average, they had been together seven years and there were a lot of questions about the funny business in their relationship.

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For example, researchers wanted to know how frequently their partner joked, how often they thought the jokes were funny and how frequently they joked with each other.

In the end, they determined that men tend to tell more jokes than women and men also think their jokes are funnier. In those long-term relationships, men may also tend to tell jokes that are self-enhancing and somewhat aggressive compared to their partners.

Interestingly, self-deprecating humor is used by both people in the relationship.

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Researchers were able to break it down and determine how to have a good relationship. It was as simple as allowing the man to think that his jokes are the funniest out of the two of you.

The researchers said: “Results suggest that men may feel more dyadically adjusted in relationships with women who underrate their own jokes but overrate their partner’s jokes.

It has long been known that laughing is good for you and we sometimes even say that laughter is the best medicine. As it turns out, the study actually says that laughing is a reward that signals satisfaction to the partners.

Photo: Unsplash/Priscilla Du Preez

In long-term relationships, the study showed that laughing, joking, and humor styles were something that affected both people. The study said: “In courtship, humor can be an indicator of psychological traits, romantic interest, and similar values and life goals.”

They concluded that in romantic long-term relationships, one of the important mechanisms to build the relationship was a sense of humor.

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