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Let’s face the facts here. There are lots of people out there who are frightened of robots. That’s understandable enough to us. We have seen too many movies about robots going haywire not to be at least a little timid about the whole situation.

Fortunately, we may have the perfect antidote for those who are terrified of the mere prospect of robots walking among us.

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If you have been watching Olympic basketball closely, you may have already seen this robot in action. We can’t lie to you, the first time we saw it, we thought that we were being punked. Many people have shared the robot on social media.

Even so, it felt like Ashton Kutcher was going to jump out on us at any minute. It’s no prank, however. CUE4 is the real.

This very agile humanoid robot managed to sink two shots during a halftime ceremony. The event took place during the USA vs France game the other day, startling many observers. Of course, no one could let the robot’s swishes pass without making some jokes at the expense of Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons.

Maybe this robot could teach him a thing or two about a thing or two? All jokes aside, we expect Simmons to bounce back just fine next year but in the meantime….he has to get teased a little bit. It’s all part of being a professional. As for CUE4, the artificially intelligent robot that was built by employees of the Frontier Research department of Toyota Central R&D Labs.

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Can you believe that employees actually handled this project in their spare time? We cannot possibly fathom taking on something this complex during our downtime at the moment. The crazy part is that the employees had no sort of experience to speak of when it came to robot development or artificial intelligence.

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All of our excuses have gone out the window, we suppose. It is time that we put together our own robot basketball team. If you will excuse us, we will be in the garage. If Homer Simpson can build a robot, we can build a robot!

Those who wish to learn more about the balling bot can check out the video below:

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