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Wooden Championship chess sets may look awesome but did you know what goes into making them? If not, Business Insider is here to provide you with all of the information that you need.

It takes an experienced craftsperson to handle something like this, which is not that far off from what we expected. However, we had no idea that they needed to pay this much attention to detail.

PHOTO: YOUTUBE/Business Insider

The amount of work that they have to put in is enough to stun anyone, especially those who have never played with a board like this one. They even require special training in these instances.

The specifics of the size, shape, and number of cuts in each piece have to be adhered to, to the fullest. We were today years old when we learned that there are precious few craftspeople in the world who can handle a project of this one. Believe it or not, there are less than 10 in the entire world!


The iconic Staunton chess set design is not something that can be altered in any way.

The regimented regulations are covered in the video so be sure to check it out! You do not have to be a chess aficionado to appreciate this one. The process takes a lot of time but perfection does not happen overnight.

PHOTO: YOUTUBE/Business Insider

The description says it all: “An inexpensive chess set can sell for $20, but a handcrafted wooden set certified for the World Chess Championship costs $500. Much of the set’s value lies in just one piece: the knight. Each knight must be carved by hand to look exactly the same. Making this one piece takes two hours, and there are fewer than 10 people trained to carve knights for the championship chess sets.”

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