Why You Should Put A Coffee Filter In Your House Plants

Using a coffee filter can actually replace the gravel that is typically used at the bottom of most flowerpots.

Most of us are familiar with the filters that are used in the process of making coffee. They are a typical part of most homes and we often use them without thinking about them. There has even been some debate over whether we should use them to brew coffee or not, and it seems as if there are other uses that we may not be aware of.

Creative people use coffee filters for a wide variety of uses, including those who love to grow plants. In fact, if you use them properly, they can even benefit the plants that you have in your home.

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According to Apartment Therapy, the use of coffee filters is important for growing plants in a flowerpot. In fact, they recommend that you put a coffee filter in the bottom of the flowerpot between the soil and the drainage holes. What are the benefits of doing so?

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The filter provides a barrier between the dirt and the holes, which allows excess water to escape the pot. Just like water draining through the coffee filter when we make coffee, the water from the plant drains through the filter but it keeps the dirt on the inside of the pot. It helps to keep the drainage holes from plugging with soil, allowing excess water to exit the pot effectively.

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Using a coffee filter can actually replace the gravel that is typically used at the bottom of most flowerpots. Not only are they easier to use, but they also use less space in the pot and are less expensive. They also are more effective at keeping the soil in the pot, allowing your plants to thrive.

There are additional benefits to using coffee filters in your flowerpots as well. One of them is seen when you have to transplant the plant into a larger pot. The coffee filter helps to keep the soil together, so the transfer takes place a lot easier.

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Another benefit is the retention of moisture, which is important for the growth of the plant. Although it allows some water to escape so the roots don’t rot, it helps to retain the water so that you have to water the plants less frequently.

I wonder if Starbucks is going to start selling potted plants now that the secret is out?