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Those of us who have little kids at home know how much time they like to spend in the jewelry box. This is all well and good, at first. Sure, it may seem fine to give your little one a necklace to play with….until the day comes when you want to wear it. Once your necklaces have become tangled, finding a remedy for this all too common issue can seem like an impossible task.

Fortunately for you, we have the perfect hack that is designed to help you out. The contents of your jewelry box do not have to remain in a tangled up mess any longer. This will allow you to continue wearing your favorite necklaces while avoiding the issues that tend to arise when we allow our children to play with them. This is what we call a true win/win.

Photo: YouTube / MonkeySee

After all, we all have much better things to do with our time. No one wants to spend their days untangling chains and necklaces. For the most part, we already have a necklace decided upon when we are getting our outfits together. The last thing that we want to do when we are in a hurry is waste lots of time trying to untangle the one we liked best.

The video that you are about to check out is absolutely ingenious. All it takes is a small amount of lubricant for the process to become an absolute breeze. Hacks like these are worth their weight in gold, as they keep us from having to spend big on replacement jewelry.

To get started, grab a small amount of oil (doesn’t matter what kind) and two needles, or an opened safety pin. From there, the MonkeySee YouTube channel will take you through the rest of the steps. In just two minutes, you are going to be able to handle any necklace tangle that comes your way going forward.

We love hacks that do not require us to leave the house, that is for sure! Be sure to pass this excellent tutorial along to your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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