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There are always going to be opinions when it comes to coffee. After all, it’s the most popular beverage in the world and people are always trying to do their best when making the perfect cup.

Making the perfect cup isn’t only about brewing the coffee, however, it’s also about storing it.

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You may have heard a number of opinions when it comes to storing coffee. For example, some people feel as if you should keep it in the freezer but others feel that keeping it in the freezer would be the worst thing you can do.

Perhaps we should let the National Coffee Association weigh-in.

The National Coffee Association suggests putting the coffee grounds in an airtight container and storing it upright. In addition, you will tend to lose freshness when you grind the coffee beans because it exposes more of the surface of the coffee to oxygen. Whole beans will also lose their freshness after they are roasted, so storing them properly is important as well.

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Keeping your coffee inside of an enclosed container will protect it from oxygen but using an opaque container will also keep it from light as well. Try to choose a spot in your home that is not too warm, such as not keeping it too close to the stove. In addition, if you purchase your coffee grounds in a tin, transfer them to a canister with an airtight bag. Coffee grounds should not be stored long-term in the container you purchase them from in the grocery store.

One of the big problems with putting your coffee in the freezer is freezer burn. Unless you are able to put it inside of a container that is completely void of air, then freezer burn can be a problem. You might also have a problem if you constantly take your coffee in and out of the freezer to make a fresh cup every morning because it could introduce moisture to the coffee grounds.

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Of course, if you divide your coffee into smaller bags and put it in the freezer until you thaw it for use, you can keep coffee for up to a month. Just make sure you get as much air out of the bag as possible before putting it in the freezer.