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If you have a smaller room and you are looking for help when it comes to maximizing this space, this is the perfect chance to learn more.

Sandra happens to be a home decoration expert. She goes by on Instagram and is here to offer all sorts of helpful pointers. This latest hack was shared on Instagram reels. With her help, you can make your room look much bigger than it is.

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This is a key hack for anyone who is tired of feeling they are squeezed into a tiny space. The video has already gotten over 10,000 views and it only takes two very simple steps to achieve the look that she provides. It all starts with Sandra showing off one of the smaller rooms in her home.

“If you’re like me, and have a small, basic room like this, watch what I did with my curtains to make this room look bigger and a lot more elevated,” she says.

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She begins by taking her curtains and hanging them on a rod. From there, she advises the viewer to hang their curtains as close to the ceiling as they possibly can. “The higher the better,” she writes in the video text.

She goes on to say that the curtains should be hung as widely as possible. “If you can, have the curtains cover the walls on either side of the window/door,” she continues. The final product is hard to wrap your mind around but it is hard to argue with the results that she has received.

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“An easy and budget-friendly interior hack is always going to win for me. I did this a few years ago and have never looked back! It really adds an extra touch of luxury to your home and helps with the dreaded low ceilings you get in new builds,” she typed in the caption. The comment section says it all, as many viewers loved the results they got.

“I love a high-position curtain rod,” one happy viewer writes. “Such a beautiful look! I’m obsessed with ours. Easy way to add elegance and sophistication to a room.”

If you would like to learn more about the assistance that Sandra has to offer, please take a moment to check out her awesome videos.

The elegance that she can provide is hard to find and we appreciate her taking the time to let us know more.