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DIY Horror and PropsPaul Jones is an artist who loves Halloween. Now, he is here to spread the love to all of us. If you are anything like us, you are always looking for new and interesting Halloween decorations. It’s also fun to have good-natured competitions with the neighbors.

Once they catch a glimpse of this bad boy? It’s game over. To be honest, we’re thinking about breaking this one out during a random time of year. It’s even more terrifying when you have to deal with a creepy monster during the middle of the summer. Jones shared his results on his Facebook page and we cannot wait to construct our own.

Ok finally finished another big spider hope to have a how to tutorial currently on the cutting room floor by the end of…

Posted by Dead and Daughter on Sunday, October 7, 2018

“Ok finally finished another big spider hope to have a how to tutorial currently on the cutting room floor by the end of next week with the help of my Daughter from Dead and Daughter and post on my other channel,” reads the post. Luckily for us, this man is true to his word. He even decided to share the results from one of the projects he inspired.

Had to share check out this beast made by Anna Vanderstarre from my crappy video hats off for this amazing Spider.

Posted by Dead and Daughter on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A few people have made the spider already. Yvette King made an awesome looking spider by following the instructions that Jones provided. He might have claimed that his video was “crappy,” but that’s a fib. Our hats are also off to Yvette and Anna Vanderstarre for the spiders that they were able to create. As it turns out, excellent Halloween decorations do not have to be particularly complicated or costly.

Posted by Yvette King on Saturday, October 17, 2020

That’s always good to hear! Going out to find Halloween decorations at this point is going to be a nightmare. Plus, we can always use great ideas for the years to come. You can never start planning too early, right? Waiting until the last minute is never in your best interests. You may want to warn the neighbors if you are feeling charitable, though.

Let’s be honest here, we’d much rather see the reactions once your spider is done. That will make for some classic videos, for sure. Kudos to Paul Jones for providing such an amazing tutorial. There aren’t many people who could make the construction of a giant spider seem so effortless.