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There are people who think that strawberries are the most delicious fruit in existence and people who are wrong. While they are an integral part of most of our grocery shopping trips, even the most ardent strawberry fan would have to admit that there is one key drawback: They are essentially impossible to keep fresh! Fortunately, all of that is about to change.

It’s particularly challenging to keep strawberries on hand during self-isolation when more frequent grocery trips are a no-go. Quite frankly, we are getting tired of tossing moldy and mushy strawberries in the trash 48 hours after we get it home. It’s not like strawberries come cheap, either, and most of us don’t want to keep throwing money in the garbage like this. So how are we going to overcome this issue and get the most out of our purchase?

Photo: Pixabay/robertobarresi

It probably won’t surprise you too much to learn that vinegar is the answer. Vinegar always ends up being the answer, doesn’t it? When you’re ready to get started, simply grab some water and throw in a splash of vinegar. Next, give the strawberries a few minutes to soak in the vinegar/water solution. After a few minutes have elapsed, take the strawberries out of the solution and pat them down with a paper towel.

This solution removes all of the strawberries’ spores, which happen to be the root cause of our aforementioned issues. Once the strawberries have had a chance to dry off, feel free to ditch the container that they came in. It’s not the optimal storage place for the freshly cleaned strawberries because it will cause the strawberries to become moist and damp and at that point, it’s just a waiting game until the pesky mold starts to grow back again. Placing the strawberries on a clean paper towel in the fridge is a much better bet.

Photo: Pixabay/pezibear

We could have used this simple trick years ago! There is no telling how amazed you’ll be when you see how long your strawberries last now. We can finally stop wasting our valuable grocery money on fruits that end up being uneaten.

Be sure to try this hack as soon as you bring the strawberries home. A trick like this one certainly has to be shared with all of your fellow strawberry aficionados. Take a moment and pass on the savings (and deliciousness) to your friends and loved ones.