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Ideally, we’d all love to have our windows open, curtains blowing, and fresh, clean air flowing through our homes, but mother nature gets in the way of our dream life. Pollen, dust, heatwaves, and cold temperatures make us shut our windows close, and we get more than cabin fever, we end up feeling icky. So when you feel like your indoor living is making you a bit sick, use some of these hacks to make your home feel fresher fast!

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Humidity is something of a tricky thing to balance, excess humidity feels like you’re living in the Everglades, but the opposite isn’t better either because when the air becomes desert-like, we can get skin irritations and flakiness. A humidifier does wonders for balancing a not-so-ideal air quality, but the price tag of these machines can be a bit much. The next best thing is simple! While showering, leave your bathroom door open, it’ll have just the right amount of moisture, which will keep the air breathable and comfortable for a few hours.

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When you get bogged down with too much humidity, your answer is as easy as reaching into your backyard grill. Well, using those grilling briquettes isn’t the best method, but you get the idea! Placing charcoal pouches (which are available online and in stores) around your house is perfect for absorbing excess moisture, and these pouches will fight mold and mildew from growing.

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Feeling a little foggy? Add a plant to your home! Not only are plants a lovely feature to brighten your mood, but plants like tropical greens and Chinese evergreens are great for absorbing brain fogging formaldehyde and headache-inducing benzene.

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It’s not uncommon to constantly battle sneezes and sniffles, but there’s an easy trick for cutting the dirt and dust mites. After you vacuum, mop, or dust, spray your floors with a solution consisting of 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil dissolved into 1 cup of water. The tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties that reduce the spread of dust mites and bacteria, ultimately decreasing your chances of sneezing.

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Unless we’re running an air conditioner or heater on full blast, try to leave your door open just a crack. If we sleep in an improperly vented room, the carbon dioxide from breathing can build up and make us feel more fatigued in the morning.

Using any one of these tips during the imperfect seasons will make your home feel cleaner!

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