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Winter brings along some of the worst inconveinces. If you have ever had to go outside in the cold to shovel the driveway or drag the garbage cans back in from the curb, you are nodding grimly right now. That’s why we are here to provide you with the tools that you need to avoid some of these all too common issues.

When it comes to winter problems, there are few struggles that are more annoying than foggy windows. Those who find themselves in a hurry in the morning are not going to like these one bit. Unfortunately, our employers are never that understanding about late arrivals, and this issue can become especially stressful for any parent who has to bring their little ones to school.

So what can we do to avoid these types of problems going forward? You no longer have to waste all sorts of precious time and effort handling the windows on your own. No, you are not going to be wiping the windows with your sleeves or engaging in anything that is this ridiculous. In fact, we have none other than former NASA engineer Mark Rober to teach us this lesson.

Photo: YouTube / Mark Rober

This is the sort of clip that you are going to want to save in your bookmarks, so that you have it for later this winter.

With this sort of brainpower on hand, how can we ever fail? Best of all, the process takes all of four steps:

1. Turn the heater in the vehicle on full blast.

2. Turn the air conditioning.

3. Turn off the inside circulation.

4. Crack the windows open.

It’s really that easy, and thanks to the awesome tip that our new friend Mark here has to offer we won’t be late to work this Winter! Jokes aside, we are just glad to finally have a respite from the foggy windows that plague us each winter. Have you been doing it this way or do you have a different method? Let us know!