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When we are in the process of using our dish rags, we’re not going to lie to you. We usually have to stop to give them the smell test before we get started. Let’s face it, these towels do not always get washed as often as they should be. Unless you are the sort of domestic goddess (or god) who is willing to wash these towels on a regular basis, it has probably been a while since they saw the inside of a washer.

Of course, we are all trying to slow the spread of germs at the moment. No one wants to get their loved ones or their houseguests sick. Luckily for us, Rachael Ray is here to provide us with a closer look at how we can avoid that problem going forward. Ray did not come up with this plan all on her own, though.

She decided to invite an expert onto her show so that he could show us the ropes. We are grateful for her efforts. There are too many folks out there who like to pretend that they know it all. Peter Walsh starts off his spiel by offering a piece of interesting advice. He says that this whole issue has less to do with the towel itself than people might think.

Photo: YouTube / Rachael Ray Show

“The issue is not so much the towel, it’s the wet, moist environment where there’s lots of humidity in the bathroom,” Walsh says. We never thought of it that way before but he makes a solid point. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be dank locations. Obviously, this can lead to all sorts of problems once the towels have had a chance to stay wet for an extended period of time.

Bacteria and mold grow on these towels when they are not cleaned. Thankfully, Walsh has some simple tips that keep us from experiencing any long term problems. The first item that he takes direct aim at is the folded towels that tend to linger in our bathrooms. They will get stuck together and they do not usually have the chance to dry off.

To learn more about Walsh’s tips (by way of Rachael), take a moment to check out this helpful video. He will have your towels smelling great and they are sure to be spotless. Thanks to all of his info, we are going to have far more confidence in our towels when we hang them up now.

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