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There is an age-old argument about wood cutting boards, as opposed to plastic cutting boards. Both sides have their supporters and they are not going to budge. Meanwhile, there are some more reasonable folks who are able to see both sides. If there is anything that each side of the discussion can agree upon, it’s that cleanliness is of the utmost importance in these instances.

Our cutting boards have to be clean as a whistle before we can use them. We opt for the plastic ones but our reasons are just. Since we have a dishwasher, the plastic ones are easier to clean. Have you ever tried to put a wooden one in there? It’s not a great idea, we can tell you that much. Unfortunately, plastic cutting boards also tend to harbor all sorts of harmful bacteria.

Bleach is a good way to kill the bacteria, but we do not always like to use these types of chemicals in our cooking areas. That’s understandable, right? No one wants to contaminate the areas where their food is being prepped. So how can we make sure that these cutting boards are clean without potentially contaminating the food that we eat each day?

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Stanley Steemer

The answer is simple. For starters, you need to use your dishwasher. You may want to give the grooves some extra cleaning, but other than that, you should be fine. Grab a scrub brush and use hot, soapy water if you want to give your plastic cutting boards a good once-over after they have come out of the dishwasher. Alternative cleaning solutions are also available to you.

There are white vinegar solutions that work well and a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution will also do the trick. Surface stains are easily removable with a solution that is one part water, one part salt, and one part baking soda.

It’s truly that easy and we would love to hear more about all of the success that you have had cleaning your plastic cutting boards.

With this handy guide, you can steer clear of the problems that arise when your plastic cutting board is not properly cleaned. Check out the video tutorial below:

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