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Everyone loves to play with LEGO. But what we don’t think about, is how dirty the bricks can become from constant handling.

All the crooks and crannies in the building blocks can easily harbor bacteria. That is why it’s a good idea to keep your building blocks sanitized so that you and your kids can still enjoy hours of fun without worrying about germs.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As it turns out, LEGO has an official LEGO brick cleaning guide, which is available on its website.

According to the guide, it is recommended to wash the bricks by hand in warm water – no warmer than 104°F. You can use either a cloth or a sponge to help clean them, along with a mild detergent, as it will sanitize the blocks without damaging the plastic. Once sudsing them up, you can rinse them with clean water then dry them out.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Of course, it is important to remember that LEGO products are made out of plastic, and shouldn’t be exposed to extreme heat. That is why putting them into a dishwasher could end up warping them and making them unusable.

Besides that, you should never dry them in a microwave or with a hair dryer. The best way of drying them is to place them on a towel to air dry. Alternatively, you can also speed up the drying process by using an electric fan.

Photo: CANVA

It is also advised that any toys that are frequently used by children should probably be washed about once a week. How often do you clean your LEGO? Let us know!

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