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When we are enjoying a good movie or perhaps watching the latest sitcom that we tend to watch every week, we are pulled into the plot.

We hang on to everything that is taking place on the screen, which often involves conversation and very rarely has any unexpected distractions.

Photo: Max Pixel

The producers realize how much of a difficulty a distraction would be, which is why they create props that are silent. When you really stop to think about it, there is a lot of noise that goes around us every day, from the loud noise of closing the front door to the rustling of a grocery bag.

In order to keep those common items from distracting us, they have put a lot of effort into creating silent props.

Photo: flickr/Jennifer Lawrence Films

More than likely, you haven’t given it much thought at first, but if you really stop to think about how much noise is in the world around us, we suddenly realize how much noise is missing from television shows and movies.

In order to learn more about silent props, a narrator named Abby Tang spoke with some of the masters at setting up those silent props. They wanted to find out how common items, such as ice cubes, paper bags, and even plastic wrap can do their job without taking over the scene in the process.



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