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The Tower of London is one of the most famous structures on the planet. We never thought that someone could actually live inside of it, though.

Thanks to the clip that you are about to see, all of that is about to change. This person resides in the tower itself and they are here to share the totality of their experiences. We are still stunned if we are being honest.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She is now showing off the unusual features that the home has to offer. For starters, can you believe that this half castle/half fortress is over 1,000 years old already? It is situated right next to the Tower Bridge and the Crown Jewels also reside there. As for Megan Clawson (@meganambxr)? She refers to this location as home.

According to Clawson, she has been residing here since last year. How did she manage to get into this unique dwelling? The answer is a simple one. Her father works as a beefeater, which is the name that has been bestowed upon the ceremonial guards that protect the location.

Photo: TikTok/@meganambxr

As the videos show, life in this castle/fortress is pretty out of the ordinary. Now, viewers are being given the chance to see for themselves.

“Things inside my Tower of London home that just make sense,” Clawson wrote in the video. In the clip, Clawson shows a porch that overlooks the massive castle walls and she also has access to a gigantic staircase.

Photo: TikTok/@meganambxr

According to her, the staircase “goes on forever because I live inside a 30-foot wall.” In most instances, there are arrow slits instead of windows in the rooms. These are quirks that date back for centuries now. A number of different weapons and forms of beefeater memorabilia fill the home, too.

How neat is that? Check out the house tour below:


I recreated an old video of mine from a while ago as a few new people have been asking for a house tour! Enjoy #fyp #toweroflondon #housetour #GameTok #history #castle #houseoftiktok

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