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Now that fall is on the way and the temperatures are starting to decline, you may be wondering if you’ll still be able to spend time out on the water. Of course, no one wants to get cold during these aquatic endeavors. Fortunately, there is one company in Seattle that totally has your back. Hot Tub Boats is here to assist you with all of your winter boating-related needs.

Their boats double as hot tubs, and the hot tubs work in the same manner as boats! Imagine how nice it would be to float around Lake Union, without any of the usual worries or hassles. These boats can only travel at a very low rate of speed (5 MPH), so you won’t need any sort of special boating license to operate one. In fact, all you need is a valid driver’s license.

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Three cheers to summer! And friends. And our incredible community here in Seattle!

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All of the boats come with dry storage, giving you the chance to bring along any beverages or snacks of your choosing. The boats come with Bluetooth speakers, so you can play your favorite tunes.

Hot Tub Boats has been paying very close attention to the pandemic and new protocols have been implemented, keeping boaters safe. Each boat is cleaned thoroughly after it has been used and the water is changed out, too. Eco-friendly soaps and chlorine are used to keep the deck clean and the tub is scrubbed out by the Hot Tub Boats’ team.

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It doesn’t get much better than this. It’s so great in fact, that we decided to extend our hours until 11 PM for the foreseeable future. Summers in Seattle deserve it.

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The boat is chlorinated at the conclusion of each day and rental times are being reduced as a means of keeping groups from being able to overlap.

The groups that are allowed to rent out each boat are capped off at six apiece, and anyone who rents the boats is asked to sign a waiver stating that they have no symptoms of illness or a fever.

For $350, the boat is yours for at least two hours. If you grab five friends for the occasion, you can each spend $60. That’s a bargain basement deal when you’re talking about an experience that is this luxurious. Be sure to head to Hot Tub Boats’ website to find out more about rental info.