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While many of us are stuck in the house waiting for the world to reopen, we are left without many of our usual favorites. For some of us, this means that we cannot enjoy our usual McDonald’s meals as often as we would like. That’s okay, though. The man in this video is here to help with a clever TikTok video that’s been viewed over 28 million times.

Image by Lebensmittelfotos from Pixabay

Thanks to his video, we’ve been digging into chicken nuggets without even leaving the house.

The key to the process is having the proper wet and dry mix once it comes time to fry the nuggets and many of the ingredients that he uses to make the nuggets can be found in the average kitchen cupboard already: chicken breast meat, egg, cornstarch, water, flour, garlic, and onion powder.


THE coveted MCNUGGETS 💣 #recipe #cooking #mcdonalds #nuggets #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – nishcooks

To learn more about his method, take a moment to watch the video. Trust us on this one, it is definitely worth it.

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