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You might think you need a professional-grade meat grinder to get fresh ground beef, but you’d be wrong! In fact, this process is so simple, we’re kicking ourselves for not trying it out sooner. Go ahead and see what common kitchen gadget is used in the making of ground beef. This is such an easy thing to do, you’ll want to make fresh ground beef for all of your meals!

The right Stuff

It’s important to grab a cut of meat with a high fat content. This will make the ground beef more succulent, which will result in a delicious burger, or whatever meal you’re using the beef in. Cut your meat into cubes. Pro-tip: Use slightly frozen meat to prevent the cubes from turning out mushy. This will help with the cutting process as well. Make sure to trim away the tough tissue of the meat as well.

Grind The Meat

Don’t have a meat grinder? That’s ok! Just place your meat cubes into a food processor and pulse around 20-25 times. That’s it! Well, that’s the basics, at least. You can add your own spices directly into the meat, depending on what you’re using it in to add an extra kick to the meal. Isn’t that such an easy process? The end result is super fresh ground beef that is sure to make all the difference in whatever dish you use it in!

Get more details in the video below!

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