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Yes, you can decorate your home in any manner that you want. However, women who feel as if they are repelling Mr. Right may want to read on and take a closer look. They just might be choosing home decor that is not helping them from a dating standpoint.

Dana Kuritzkes of The D Spot is here to share her findings, as she has provided TikTok viewers with a list of the decor that repels males.

Photo: TikTok/@the_d_spot

Of course, some women may be fine with that, so we have to take that into account initially. But for those who want a space that doesn’t scream “cringe” to other people, you may want to hear what Dana has to say.

“Have you ever wondered what items in your place just give men the ick? Well today I’m gonna tell you,” she begins. We must warn our readers: this video does contain some graphic language, so keep scrolling if you do not wish to hear any coarse words. “Here are the most cringe-worthy items you have in your house, according to men,” Dana says.

Photo: TikTok/@the_d_spot

It all starts with crystals! It is easy to see why men are not thrilled about the presence of crystals. The last thing men generally want to hear is anything based on magical rocks. These crystals can be a major red flag in their minds and we understand totally.

The same goes for women who still keep stuffed animals in their homes. It makes the woman seem as if she is still a child herself.

Photo: TikTok/@the_d_spot

Owning stuffed animals is not that far away from being a Disney adult, which is sure to send many men screaming for the hills. We are not going to spoil the whole video but be forewarned: snow globes take quite a beating.

“Snow globes are sweet nostalgic items to collect when you were a child,” Dana begins. “But if you still held on to them as an adult it might be time for us to talk about your attachment issues,” she continues.


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If you would like to learn more about the items that need to be 86’ed from the establishment if you are going to attract the right mate, please be sure to check out Dana’s helpful guide. She is here to assist us ladies and we can fully understand where she is coming from on this one.

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