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You Can Stay In A Replica Of The ‘Home Alone’ House This Christmas

There are even some of the booby-traps left by Kevin McAllister found throughout the house

Although most people are going to be staying at home this year for their holiday celebration, there are others who are looking for a quick getaway.

If you happen to be in the market for a short vacation and love the movie Home Alone, then you need to check out this offer from Airbnb. It’s a rental that’s named The Cabin, and it’s a replica of the McAllister house, located in Dallas, Texas,.

Photo: Airbnb

The description from the Airbnb rental claims that the items in the home were handpicked by the owner to make it a perfect experience for their guests. Mannequins will be moving in the windows, a spider is found in a room, and some of the booby-traps left by Kevin McAllister are found throughout the house, according to CBS17.

The owner also says you can get a cheese pizza delivered. If you are interested, you better move quickly because it’s only available until the end of January. The cost is $186 per night.