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Sometimes, all it takes is someone with the proper vision to turn nothing into something. Jesse Wig is living proof of this.

This empty high school in Hempstead, Pennsylvania might not have looked like much to most people but to Jesse? It was an opportunity. He envisioned this location as a chance for a major transformation. The school’s sellers wanted $100,000 for the building.

Photo: TikTok/@jessewig

According to CNBC, the 50,000-square-foot structure would soon belong to Jesse and he was not sure what he would do with it. He just knew that the school had all of the potential in the world.

After three long years, the school is now known as Bowtie High. It’s an apartment building, with 31 luxury units for potential tenants to choose from. Wig did not have this plan at first but he eventually landed on the perfect idea.

Photo: TikTok/@jessewig
Photo: TikTok/@jessewig

All he knew at the moment was that the price was right and that it would not be long before he came up with a great way to utilize the building. Once the building was purchased, he met with Adam Colucci. He’s a 35-year-old real estate investor who was happy to help Jesse brainstorm.

They spent two years debating back and forth about what they wanted to do with the building. Several ideas came and went over time. The Indepedent reports that they considered turning the building into a wedding venue, a co-working space, or a beer garden before they finally landed on the apartment solution. Dan Spanovich was brought on once the decision was made.

Photo: TikTok/@jessewig
Photo: TikTok/@jessewig
Photo: TikTok/@jessewig

He’s a full-time developer and multifamily property manager who was able to help them navigate the more challenging aspects of the conversion. The apartments that were created are open-concept and contemporary. Each apartment has an in-unit washer and dryer as well. There’s a gym with a half basketball court and the auditorium is now a community hang-out area.

The trio also made sure that the building’s former usage was still acknowledged. “We worked closely with the National Park Services to ensure it kept its historical significance,” Colucci shared, according to CNBC. “We went out of our way to ensure the school kept its historical look.”


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What an amazing idea! These men plan on continuing to purchase old schools and converting them in a similar manner. We look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

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