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Once the holidays roll around, the holiday commercials start airing on television. The Hershey’s Christmas bells commercials might be the most iconic of them all, though. Of course, the M&M’s who hide from Santa are way up there, too, along with the Coca-Cola polar bears. But, nothing can compare to the Hershey’s commercials in our eyes.

But after 30 years, the advertisement is changing.

The new ad features the same choir of Kisses that you are used to seeing every year, but now there is a twist: The song does not finish with the usual flourish. You are probably waiting for the one Hershey’s Kiss to wipe their brow from the exhaustion of playing so beautifully, but Hershey’s has made the decision to end the ads a bit differently this year.

Instead of watching the Kiss wipe their brow, the camera pans in a different direction. First, a hand comes in from off the screen and snatches up one of the Kisses.

Oh no!

Not to worry, though. From there, you will see a little girl and her father making Peanut Butter Blossoms together.

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So, why did Hershey’s decide that it was time to make the switch?

Naturally, the decision was fueled by data. Their studies show that this is the number one brand that families use for their holiday baking needs. We concur with the families that opt for Hershey’s baking products. If you have ever had a Peanut Butter Blossom, you know exactly what we are talking about here. If not? This is your chance to rectify that problem once and for all.

People do not like change, and according to TODAY, the company has reassured the public that both commercials, the old and new, will be airing this year.

They said:

“We made the decision to make a slight update to the original that kept the opening holiday melodies and incorporated another holiday tradition, baking—melding together these two time-honored traditions. From playing the bells to baking peanut butter blossoms, it’s Hershey’s Kisses that have stood the test of time. For viewers who love the original version—don’t worry, it hasn’t gone away for forever. Our hope this season is that our updated version not only harkens back memories of the original Kisses bells tune but also brings the genuine feeling of heartwarming to life with images of holiday baking between a father and daughter.”

Check out the new commercial below:

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