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If there is one thing that is trending these days in the plant world, it is succulents. They are a great addition to any garden and can easily be grown indoors. People with a green thumb and those that wish they had a green thumb will find succulents to be something they really appreciate. As long as you give them basic care, they tend to do well.

Then again, just because you are growing a succulent that is easy to grow does not mean that you have a foolproof plan. You still need to follow the rules but with succulents, those rules just tend to be a little easier.

It is also great to grow succulents because there is always something new and interesting to try. That includes the Haworthia cooperi, which have pearlescent clear leaves that make them look like a cluster of opals. You may also know it as the cushion aloe.

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Haworthia Cooperi Kurumada(?) Good sunlight and plump cooperis ☀️💎 . . #haworthiacooperi #cooperi #haworthias #succulents #succulentsofinstagram #plant #plantsofinstagram #succulentlove #succulentobsession #suculentas #succulentcity #succulentcollection #koreansucculents #raresucculents #succulover #succulentaddict #succuholic #instasucculent

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When you look at it, you can’t help but think about how beautiful it is. The name, “Haworthia” may also be somewhat familiar to you. That is because one of the more popular succulents is the white stripes zebra plant (Haworthia fasciata). Those plants are a bit flashier but they are also translucent so you can see sunlight shining through.

@amandaraewright considers themselves to be a “plant nerd” and they show their own Haworthia on Instagram. She said that she always wanted one since she was a child but she couldn’t touch the one that she saw, which was her grandmother’s. “Now I touch them all I want,” she wrote. “I even popped one of these bubbly leaves just because I wanted to. It was like bubble wrap but juicy.”

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I recently added #haworthiacooperitruncata to my small Haworthia collection. I’ve loved them ever since I was a little girl and wasn’t allowed to touch my grandmother’s plant. Now I touch them all I want. I even popped one of these bubbly leaves just because I wanted to. It was like bubble wrap but juicy. 😄

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If you take care of your plant, it will take care of you with some beautiful blossoms.

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Recently we were able to get our hands on some #haworthiacooperi . Such a cute Instagram plant. Perfect for your home. Here are some tips on care incase you are wondering if this is the right succulent for you. . . TIPS: . There are 8 types of haworthia but which are the 1. Window 2. Venosa 3. Cooperi (in photo above) 4. Cuspidata 5. African Pearls 6. Batesiana 7. Silver 8. Zebra plant . . Watering: Likes to dry out in between watering . . Lighting: Likes bright indirect sunlight, not direct sunlight. Preferably by an east or west facing window to gain a sufficient amount if sunlight everyday.

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@petiteplantssg enjoyed showing off her cooperi.

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Took the opportunity to split out this cluster of cooperi #succulovers #plantsofinstagram #小品盆栽 #植物療法 #succulentsofinstagram #百合 #plantlover #houseplants #cactus #botanicalpickmeup #plantssg #prickleandvine #urbanjungle #ariocarpus #livingwithplants #cactus #tropicalplants #astrophytum #succulents #cactuslover #多肉植物 #万象 #十二卷 #haworthia #cymbiformis #cactusgarden #cactuslover #haworthiaobtusa #haworthiacooperi #玉露 #植物 #haworthiathailand

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This red Haworthia cooperi was shown by an Etsy seller, although they are taking a break.

Photo: Etsy

You can buy the Haworthia cooperi through a number of different Etsy shops, and you will pay between $10 and $30, sometimes more.

EBay and Amazon also have some sellers as well. If you do some searching, you will find growers that are willing to offer these beautiful plants and ship them right to you.

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