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Deviled eggs are a wonderful food. We have been a fan of them ever since childhood. And while tried and true classics are a favorite, there is nothing wrong with finding a new recipe to accompany your Easter meal.

Easter is THE holiday for deviled eggs. Sure, they can be enjoyed at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it’s not the same as on Easter where the eggs are the star.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Now, thanks to a clever recipe from POPSUGAR, we can enjoy a new adorable take on deviled eggs.

The only question you’ll be asking when you see these adorable eggs is, “How can anyone possibly eat these deviled eggs? They are simply too adorable!”

Photo: YouTube/ POPSUGAR Food

If you have never seen deviled eggs that resemble a baby chick before, this is your chance to broaden your horizons. You’ve just taken your first step forward into a brighter world. In our humble opinion, these easy little chick eggs are not TOO adorable to be devoured but we will at least have second thoughts. We are not monsters!

Photo: YouTube/ POPSUGAR Food

A special thank you to POPSUGAR for giving us the tools that we need to succeed.

Check out the video for the full instructions:

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