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According to a report from the good folks over at WalletHub, the location where we live can play a massive role in our level of happiness.

This is something that many of us have considered but we had no idea that there was a ranking system. Thanks to the report, you can learn more about the happiest places in the country.

Photo: Flickr/Travis Wise License: CC BY 2.0

Is your town on the list? This is the perfect chance to find out. As it turns out, there is one town in California that is the happiest of them all. Fremont has topped the list and they are no stranger to these accolades. They have been #1 for three years in a row and we need to know their secret as soon as possible.

Fremont has a population of roughly 230,000 and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area region. So, what are they doing right?

Photo: Flickr/bradhoc License: CC BY 2.0

There are 30 different factors that go into the WalletHub report, believe it or not. Job satisfaction, social connections, and overall well-being are examined but they are quick to note that money is not everything. In fact, WalletHub speaks to these circumstances specifically.

“Consider also the fact that while the U.S. is one of the richest countries, it ranks only 16th on the World Happiness Report,” the report states.

Photo: Pexels/Hassan OUAJBIR

182 of the largest cities were studied before the report was released. Income & Employment and Community & Environment were closely considered, of course. There are 30 additional factors explored by WalletHub and they include the depression rate, the income growth rate, and the amount of leisure time that is spent each day. These metrics were used to come up with the list, which is a very interesting read.

Fremont places high because they have a very low depression rate. They also have a low separation and divorce rates. Cleveland ranks the highest for the latter, while Huntington, West Virginia is at the top of the list for the former. To find out where your city ranks on this list, please be sure to head to WalletHub to learn more.

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