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Pumpkins are a fine Halloween decoration and we are in no way downplaying them. There’s nothing wrong with having a little something extra, though. And now that the weather has started to turn, everyone wants a little reminder of the nicer temperatures that still exist elsewhere. That’s where this tutorial comes into play.

We love a good tropical alternative to the classic jack-o-lanterns. And the video below will show you all of the details on how to create your own pineapple jack-o-lantern. To get started you’ll need a pineapple, a cutting board, two knives (one larger and one smaller), a pineapple corer, some paper towels, and a flameless candle.

To bein, carefully slice the top off of the pineapple. Next, use the corer to core the fruit. Now, you can drain all of the juice into a glass. If you are anything like us, you drained it into a container so that you could drink it later.

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This is when the smaller knife comes in handy. Use that to remove the pineapple’s core at the base. Grab those paper towels and pat the inside of the pineapple dry. Use the smaller knife again to cut eye triangles, as well as a mouth. From there, insert the flameless candle and you should be ready to light this bad boy up.

Place the carefully sliced top back onto the pineapple. That’s basically it, folks. Be sure to take a closer look at the clip, so that you can be sure that you did everything right.

Projects like these are hard to come by. A pineapple jack-o-lantern may seem complicated, but with the help of this tutorial, the complex is made simple. Share this with anyone who is looking to make some much needed changes to their Halloween decor situation this year. We already have all of the ‘inspo’ that we need!