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If you are anything like us, you certainly love a good charcuterie board. What’s not to love about them? Meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, give it all to us, please!

We love the boards that function as more of a smorgasbord but we also love the ones that come with their own themes. These are the ones that are most likely to catch our eye.

Photo: flickr/Edsel Little

With Halloween right around the corner, it is time to learn more about all of the awesome, themed boards that are available to us.

It should not surprise anyone to learn that the internet is filled with all sorts of spooktacular ideas. People have turned the meat and cheese boards into a perfect Halloween treat.

All you need to do is find the ones that work best for your needs (and tastes). Once these boards have been assembled, we cannot lie to you….it is hard for us to contemplate eating them. That’s okay, though. It never takes us too long to get over that impulse.

If you are having a costume party this month, there are a few different boards out there that you would do very well to consider.

For starters, the char-spookerie board comes with prosciutto and a plastic skeleton. The finished product is wild to look at but we are already looking to dig in! The same goes for the meat and grape guts board. Salami and grapes should not look like this but we are not mad. We don’t know how they put this one together but we are loving every minute of it.

The Hocus Pocus lovers are sure to enjoy the Sanderson sisters-inspired board that @rachplusfive came up with. This was one of the first ones that caught our eye on Instagram, too. The movie is a yearly watch for us, so we were more than happy to pay homage.

Meanwhile, the coffin-shaped brie that uses jam for blood is a nice touch for the board that was prepared by the good folks at @eleganteatstx.

What do you think of the Halloween-themed charcuterie boards? Are you going to make one for the season? Let us know!

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