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Lori Castellon of Ghoul at Heart has come up with quite the creations and they’re perfect for Halloween.

What’s Halloween without some good party food? If you’re like us, you prefer your snacks to be spooky, but also delicious – and that’s exactly what Lori creates.

Photo: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

One of the dishes she’s crafted is known as “Antipasto de los Muertos,” which is an absolutely hilarious pun that we cannot stop laughing at. Yes, it is a traditional antipasto salad but there is an interesting twist to the meal that we cannot help but to notice.

That’s right, there are little bitty skulls that are made from mozzarella. That’s the perfect touch when you stop to consider what time of year it is. The magic does not stop there, either. The salad is chock full of various meats and vegetables that have been rolled and sliced into various shapes.

“I’m taking a little detour away from all things vampire to share my Antipasto de los Muertos salad. It has all the trappings of antipasto with salami, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pepperoncini, onions, olives, and cheese, for a fun Halloween twist. Not only is the mozzarella cut into festive skull shapes it’s marinated overnight in a super charged Italian dressing which gives it amazing flavor,” Castellon wrote on her website.

Anyone who would like to learn how to make skulls within their recipe would do well to take the advice that Lori has to offer. “Slice the ball of mozzarella into 6 slices lengthwise. Using a 3-inch skull cookie cutter, cut out 6 skulls. Use an apple corer to cut out eyes and use a paring knife to cut a triangle out for the nose,” she shares.

Photo: Pixabay/Lisa Johnson

This is not the first time that she has made Dia de Los Muertos antipasto salad and we are loving the cucumber and mushroom skulls in this one, too. “I came across boiling mushrooms, which not only helped me with the Kabobs but, it also gave me the idea to make this Halloween inspired Appetizer by marinating the mushroom skulls. I coupled these marinated mushroom skulls with my Pickled Shrunken Heads from last year,” said Lori. You can find the full recipe on her website here.

She regularly creates spooky foods that are perfect for spooky season. Check some of her other creations below:

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