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Hair spray that doubles as cooking oil? Apparently it gained popularity as a DIY kitchen hack. Women of color are familiar with the ORS Olive Oil Sheen Spray, it’s used to give black or Afro-Caribbean hair a little extra layer of moisture since olive oil has been used for ages to give hair shine, body, and softness.

However, it quickly turned into a kitchen alternative after Twitter user @ReauxBae posted that a family friend had found a new use for it. They were using the salon item as cooking oil to fry up bacon. While that might seem strange, it wasn’t the first time the hair spray had been used in the kitchen.

According to Buzzfeed, there have been stores that have been mixing up olive oil spray with the olive oil hairspray – leading to plenty of confusion amongst people. But there is a big difference between the olive oil spray used for cooking and that which is used in the hair. Using the hairspray could actually lead to potentially dangerous results.

Photo: Facebook / Hannah Lavatt

One woman found out the hard way. She started noticing that she’d been feeling unwell for a while. After a week of sickness, as well as food that she described as tasting “weird,” she made the startling discovery that she’d been using an olive oil leave-in spray.

Like with most other hair sprays, the olive oil hair spray has a flammable formula. Not only that, but it also contains lanolin, which should never be ingested.

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