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When people think about iconic American items, they often think about the standard baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. Any one of those can be a treat, but when you combine all of them, you really have something special.

It seems as if they are being combined in a new way at the “Field of Dreams” game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox.

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It is slated for August 12, and Guy Fieri has something for anyone in attendance to try: a hot dog apple pie.

Most people would think that the combination of hot dogs and apple pie would not be that appealing.

Photo: Pixabay/BHarner30

What you are getting, however, is a beef hot dog that is covered in a special bacon jam made by Fieri.

The entire thing is encased in a flaky pie crust with an apple mustard drizzle, apple pie spice, and demerara sugar on top.

Photo: Instagram/guyfieri

Of course, you don’t have to be at the game to try the recipe for yourself. If you are going to make this at home, then Fieri has some advice for you.

He wants you to get your bacon “nice and crispy” and then cook it down with some brown sugar, honey, and apple cider vinegar.

Photo: Instagram/guyfieri

You can also make your own apple pie filling from a family recipe, but he says that using the “canned stuff” is not a problem.

Before you put the hotdogs in the oven for 18 to 20 minutes at 350°, you should stretch out the top pastry layer.

Photo: Instagram/guyfieri

Another key point is using the same amount of apple pie filling and mustard.

Fieri is happy with the concoction, calling it a “funky throwback snack” and telling people they are going to love it. Watch the video below:

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