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If you are a day 1 pickle fan, you have probably tried a number of flavors over the years. There are sweet pickles, dill pickles, and other “classic” flavors. But the One Stop Pickle Shop produces flavors that are far from classic. Their latest to grab everyone’s attention? Gummy bear-flavored pickles.

The Texas-based company is family-operated and people love their creativity. It’s not the type of snack that we would expect to enjoy but they do sound pretty tasty. Instagrammer @junkfoodmom shared the pickles, writing:

“This pickle has the sweetness of gummy bears but yet! still tastes like a pickle. After 1 pickle chip I kept reaching for another in state of bewildered awe. I immediately had my daughter try them. She took one bite and had the same reaction as me but she said she could taste the gummi bears.”

In case you think this is an isolated post, the comments say it all. One commenter says that they know lots of people who love these pickles. Meanwhile, there are others who are wondering how they can get their hands on these pickles.

“Soo good! I love the strawberry lemonade and the ones that taste like red hots too!” one person commented. “I wantttt,” another said.

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These fun-flavored pickles make for great stocking stuffer ideas! Beyond gummy bear, they have other unique flavors like Srigatcha (a spin on sriracha), watermelon warrior, glorious grape, and razzy blue.

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You can check out their full list of offerings here. Be sure to let us know what you think of them!

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