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If you are anything like us, you love reading all of the entries from the Reddit AITA series.

For those who are unaware, the acronym stands for “am I the a–hole?” and lots of people fall into the trap that has been set. They are unwittingly posting their rude stories on this site and expecting sympathy from people who can do nothing but laugh.

Photo: Unsplash/Cassio Jardim

This bride has decided that her sister-in-law ruined her wedding by upstaging her. Near as we can tell, there was no harm done here. According to the post, her sister-in-law, who is named Tiffany, happens to be a conventionally attractive woman who favors stylish designer labels. She did not break any of the rules and she was sure to adhere to the dress code.

So what was her crime? As far as we know, the bride is merely upset that a prettier woman happened to be present on her big day. That’s a bummer, we suppose, but we are not sure how much we can really sympathize with her on this. It sounds like she has been jealous of Tiffany for a long time. Here’s the bride’s version of events:

Photo: Unsplash/Al Elm

“While my in-laws were congratulating me, my FIL commented that I looked beautiful, and in the next breath mentioned Tiffany did, too. His wife caught his eye and shook her head, but I ignored it. When Tiffany came over to say congratulations, she looked stunning,” the bride began.

She went on to explain, “Her dress was beautiful and fitted her perfectly, her hair and makeup looked like they’d been done professionally, and she was wearing a pair of obviously designer shoes. Her outfit was totally appropriate for the event, but I was still weirdly upset by how she looked and immediately felt self-conscious next to her.”

Photo: Unsplash/photo nic

Things did not end there, either. Tiffany announced her engagement a week later and things took a rough turn. The bride told Tiffany that she had already been to her wedding, making a snarky reference to her being “upstaged.”

“She asked what I meant, and I thought there was no point in lying so I just admitted I felt she upstaged me at my wedding. She laughed and said you can’t upstage a bride. I asked if I could wear white to her wedding then and she shrugged and said ‘if you think it’ll help,’” the bride shared.

Her husband was not pleased and Reddit took Tiffany’s side. Get over yourself, lady!