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When it comes to breakfast cereal we all have our different preferences. Personally, I love me some Fruit Loops. But again, to each their own. However, for fans of Grape-Nuts, you may have noticed their absence for a while. In fact, the cereal has been missing from shelves since last summer, causing many of its fans to worry that it had been discontinued.

Thankfully for fans of the breakfast cereal, there is good news! The cereal has not been discontinued. As explained over the summer, the brand’s Twitter announced that they were simply having to adjust their production schedule.

Photo: Open Food Facts

Since then, the Grape-Nuts enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for their return. But there will be no waiting much longer since they are expected to make their return come March. Everyone do a happy dance!

Photo: flickr / stu_spivak

But there is even more good news. As a way of apologizing for the long wait and any inconveniences, these might have caused, the company, Post, is offering their Grape-Nuts fans a chance to win a whole year’s supply of the cereal. If this sounds like something that you’d like, you can fill out their online form by clicking here. There will be 10 winners selected, and each will be getting free cereal for the year 2021. Additionally, everyone who opts-in will be notified when Grape-Nuts are back in stores and receive a coupon.

Photo: pxhere

Sounds great, right? Let us know if you’ll be entering your details for free cereal!

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