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The Rihanna Super Bowl halftime performance was one for the ages, wasn’t it? We have not been able to stop thinking about it and judging from what we have seen on social media, we are not alone on that one.

These grandmothers have decided that it is their turn to shine bright like diamonds and we are here for it. This video is one of the best Rihanna renditions that we have ever seen.

Photo: TikTok/@arcadiasrlivingbg

The seniors that you are about to meet have lots of pep and they reside in a Kentucky assisted living facility. It is nice to see that they are still finding ways to have a good time. Some of the comments suggest that they were able to outdo Rihanna herself. We must admit that they have managed to make more of a debate out of it than we expected.

The eleven ladies in this performance range in age from 80 to 92 but as they say, it is not about how old you are. It is about how old you feel!

Photo: TikTok/@arcadiasrlivingbg

They were dressed in all white and made their way onto the screen two at a time. Dora Martin, age 87, pops out dressed in all red, though. She’s the one who has the microphone in her hands and is lip syncing the lyrics to “Rude Boy.”

“I’m just a silly person, and I like to do what other people want me to do,” Martin said, according to the New York Post. It all started when a couple of the younger employees at Arcadia Senior Living tried to get the women to do the video. As you can see, they did not need all that much convincing.

Photo: TikTok/@arcadiasrlivingbg

“It does keep us young,” Martin said. “They do a nice job at trying to change up the atmosphere here…by trying different things – and we enjoy falling for it,” says Pat, who also had a blast participating in this silly clip.

The ladies were absolutely stunned by the amount of attention that the clip has gotten and their loved ones are also flabbergasted.


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“Maybe they’ll want us next year for the Super Bowl,” says Sue Evans with a laugh. We sure do hope so! Hopefully, it will not be long before Rihanna herself ends up recognizing their greatness.