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We’ve all had to find something to keep us entertained during quarantine. Some of the most fun projects have been the ones that we’ve undertaken with the help of others. And one grandmother and granddaughter team have spent their time creating a beautiful fairy garden. It can be viewed virtually on the pair’s YouTube channel, or it can be visited in person. If you want to do the in person viewing, the tour usually begins at a big tree on a street up in New York state. The particular tree has a signboard directing visitors towards the fairy garden.

Below the sign sits a small mailbox. Inside, there is a list of the 14 different places that can be toured within the fairy garden. Following the arrow’s direction, you’ll happen upon Bernie’s Buttons, a beautiful round mosaic house that is constructed out of tin, old buttons, glitters, beads, and plaster of Paris.

According to, the grandmother, Carol, stated that both she and her granddaughter enjoy up-cycling different materials like buttons or beads into their projects. Carol also added that they like to construct pathways for their fairy garden. Most of the materials used are plaster that they get out of various hardware shops, as well as plastic jewels or glitter.

Photo: YouTube / Rebecca Wong

The next stop on the little tour is Finley’s Shanty. This features fairies on an old stone pathway that leads through a round wooden door. There is also a glowing crystal ball to be found in the space, alongside a welcome sign and a pretty little bench.

As Good News Network reports, there is even a little spot called Beans Pod, which was meant to be like a picturesque little lunch spot beside a waterfall. It’s so cute – the grandmother and granddaughter have truly thought of everything.

Some of the other little places amongst the fairy garden include Flo’s Creek which has a gazebo and Aqua’s Flip Flop Inn which has a one-inch tall sandcastle. The inn features a turquoise roof made out of shells, as well as a little rainbow door.

And this charmingly delightful fairy garden has plenty of beautiful flora at every turn. Guests who take a tour are welcomed to pick a jewel at a treasure box as a keepsake of their time there. While we’re headed into the autumn and winter months, the fairy garden will be closing down for the time being. However, you can still keep up to date through their YouTube channel.

In the meantime check out the video below: