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Gordon Ramsay may be known to some as a fire-breathing dragon, as he can be quite harsh on Twitter and on his cooking shows. He’s a star judge who loves to tell it like it is.

However, like most of us, he is a totally different person when he is not actually on the clock. He’s a sweetheart and a family man to boot.

Photo: flickr/gordonramsaysubmissions

When he shares snippets of his day-to-day on social media, everyone’s hearts are melted. It’s been fun to see him drop the facade and let people in. As it turns out, he’s a big old softy for his kids just like the rest of us.

Photo: flickr/ordonramsaysubmissions

Now, he is sharing photos of his son Oscar and he seems like he is just about ready to join the family business.

Oscar, his two-year-old, is the youngest of the children that Ramsay shares with his wife, Tana.

If you’ve seen the chef’s posts on social media, you already know that Oscar tends to be the star of the show. Gordon’s a big fan of “footy” and he was sure to catch a photo of the little guy catching some Z’s before the big Euro Cup match.

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Little Oscar was even holding a whisk when the picture was taken because of course, he was! You can’t plan a better shot than this one, that is for sure.

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