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Googly Eye Cru is an NYC sticker artist who has come up with quite an amazing idea.

It’s so simple, yet so perfect, we wish that we had managed to come up with it on our own.

In case you were unaware, they place googly eyes on a wide range of street structures. The end result is awesome, isn’t it? We love seeing the pictures of their handiwork.

“Keep your eyes peeled,” the crew urges on its Instagram, as they place their signature stickers all over a number of different inanimate objects.

Fire hydrants, external building pipes, electrical boxes, sprinkler caps, trash cans, newspaper machines, they are handling it all.

NYC is one of the most unique cities on the planet and initiatives like these are a major part of that. The city itself truly feels alive and these stickers only serve to accentuate that.

After all, how can the “city that never sleeps” live up to its name unless there are eyes that do not close? All jokes aside, these are some of the coolest pictures that you are going to see.

We hope that this idea spreads to a number of other cities. New York City is not the only place in this country that is in need of a few laughs throughout the course of their day.

In time, we fully expect other cities to follow in their footsteps. This is simply too much fun for one city to keep to themselves, that is for sure.

Hopefully, this story provides other crews with the inspiration that they need to get started.

Kudos to the Googly Eyes Cru for finding a fun and creative way to decorate their city.