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Goldie Hawn is one of those actresses that seems to have been frozen in time. Every time that we see her, she looks the exact same as she always has.

In our minds, she has not aged a day. Can you believe that she is on the verge of turning 77? It is hard to fathom for us. Of course, she puts a lot of work in to maintain her youthful appearance and that’s why she looks so healthy in the present day.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She works on her mental health, as well as her physical. When you see her, she is like a ray of sunshine. She does not allow herself to get bogged down by negativity. Positive vibes only! Her Instagram followers want to know more about her workout secrets and fortunately for us, Goldie is more than happy to share.

She’s got one of the most unique personalities that we have ever come across and this video is all the proof that you need.

Photo: Instagram/@goldiehawn

The best part about Goldie is that she marches to the beat of her own drum. She is not here to follow in anyone else’s footsteps. She is not one to get hung up on details and she does not believe in following any rules in particular.

We could all stand to learn a valuable lesson from her. She’s not worried about how the job gets done. Goldie is not here to waste her time and energy making sure that things are done perfectly. In the video that you are about to see, she shares three different exercises that she does to stay in shape.

Photo: Instagram/@goldiehawn

If you are anything like us, you are very grateful to her for providing these tutorials. We would all like to look like her if we are lucky enough to make it to 77. The first exercise that she shares is her trampoline jumping routine. “If you don’t have one, just bounce up and down like this,” she says as she demonstrates her jumping style. “Put your arms up because when you do and work your arms, it works your heart, too.”

From there, we head to the kitchen, where she showcases her wine bottle workout. We do not wish to spoil this one for the audience and we are urging you to check it out for yourself:

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