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Many of us have seen more of our homes in the past year than we may have seen in the past decade. As a result, we begin to notice that some upgrades are needed here or there and we now have glitter grout to do it in style. That’s right, it does exist and it is going viral as a DIY trend.

The product that introduced this option to the world via social media is Staffordshire Silicone. They shared photos of their glitter grout on Instagram and Facebook and people loved it.

Photo: Instagram / staffordshiresilicones

You can purchase it already premixed and ready to use in a variety of colors, including black, gray, red, blue, and white. It cost $23 per liter and it contains silver sparkles to make your DIY project shine. Use it as you would any other grout, just be prepared to add some awesomeness to your home when you do it.

Photo: Instagram /staffordshiresilicones

Along with selling the premixed Glitter Grout, there is also an additive that can be used with any other grout purchased in your local area. More or less, it is like adding silver or gold sparkles to grout and it can really help with your home improvement projects.

Photo: Pixabay

Staffordshire Silicone is only one of the brands that make this home DIY project possible. You can also choose the product from Fusion Pro, and it is available at most Home Depot or Lowe’s stores. Even though this may not be a brand-new idea, it has been gaining popularity after being posted online. It’s just what the world needs to get its creative juices going.

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